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Design-in Service

We engaged in the boards, industrial computer, touch screen design, assembly and processing. Meet the demand of customers, providing OEM and ODM production services, production of electronic products, including network communications electronics, computer and computer peripherals, industrial electronics, automotive electronics, optical products, consumer electronics, medical electronics, military, aerospace, electronics, and other commercial electronics

Manufacturing  Service

RoHS Compliance Process, Stencil, Printing Component Placement, Reflow, Testing, QA and Packing. A. MB, VGA, Wireless network card, B. Barebone, Touch Monitor. Factory Size in Square Meters: 4300 m2 Taiwan sub-factory: 100 employees. ISO 9001/9002 certified China sub-factory 200 employees. ISO 9001/9002 certified Security Measure : Security guard, Fire insurance, Theft insurance, as well as 24 hour full-angle monitoring

FAE Technical Support

Our product lines are the motherboard, graphics card, across the industrial computer, touch screen, as well as data center storage. In addition to the front-end design, manufacture ODM business, we are further extends to technical consulting services. We provide technical advisory services: 1. PCB Layout 2 components 3. Firmware & Software design 4 smart systems integration 5. Embedded platform 6 Industrial PC Compared to the other the ODM the same industry, Albatron has always adhered to the market in unique and original perspective to adjust the industrial distribution. Go the fastest consumer electronics, manufacturing, and gradually move towards the development of after-sales technical consulting services. Multiple distribution can force driving industry consolidation becomes larger.

Repairing Service

ALBATRON have a long-term partnership with NVIDIA, ATI, Intel, AMD. We have many years of experience for maintenance of products, testing, cleaning, packaging, shipping in the process. We continue cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers synchronous technical aspects, and update process information. Our maintenance experience includes motherboards, graphics cards, touch screen, memory, SSD and other products.

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