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Micron Products

Micron has expanded its Crucial NVMe SSD product line to provide a higher level of performance. The new Crucial P5 and P2 SSDs provide PC and gaming enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of powerful performance options. Micron memory, announced the next-generation product portfolio of high-performance Crucial Ballistix memory designed for gamers and heavy overclocking enthusiasts.

GIGABYTE products

GIGABYTE has established an unshakable position in the industry with motherboards and graphics cards, and adheres to the high standards of "technological innovation and stable quality". Its business scope covers multiple technology fields such as home, commercial, e-sports, and cloud. Focus on key technology development, master many breakthrough patents, cultivate server research and development for more than 20 years, continue to combine 5G, AI, and AIoT to deploy cloud intelligence to create high-performance, high-quality and ultra-durable technology solutions.

acer Series Products

acer SSD provides consumers with fast, stable, and quasi-high-quality storage products.


WPS+Security Cloud Platform_Pre-layout of software after the epidemic is ready to control risks ahead of time! Mobile office, remote office, and teamwork are already the new type of corporate work trends in 2021! Cloud office platform and application scenarios are the best alternative to Office.

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